Our Services

We do understand the time restrictions, job pressures and miscellaneous activities that may seem to eat into your personal rest time. Life is just one short slot of time. So, you need to enjoy the fruits of your labor. That is where we gain prominence; as we are always ready to give you a helping hand.


Our Mission

Altima Lady Cleaning seeks to ensure that your life is no more cumbersome. Life can be played just once, so make sure it is enacted out well. We wish to be a part of this play in your life and will always be your reliable stress reliever, your home maker, your kid’s playmate, the perfect solution to all messy housekeeping needs; and finally to prove that you have chosen the right and most trustworthy home maintenance partner. Our services will showcase qualities like dependability, professionalism, quality service at the oddest of our hours and just one more- we work to ensure that you remain content from within.



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